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Pot-Pourri Susano

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The potpourri produced from the lava stone of the land where the Oder woods were grown. FIL fragrance oil is blended in the atelier of Miya Shinma PARFUMS in Paris. After arriving from Paris, this fragrance oil, which was blended according to a special recipe, has been aged and bottled in FIL bottling room. (This fragrance oil is exclusively for the potpourri.)

This potpourri is all hand-made, one by one, with a lot of time and work. Natural aroma such as rosewood, patchouli、frankincense are blended into Oguni Sugi essential oil and produce the refreshing flavor with some richness and warmth.
You can enjoy its aroma by trickling a few drops of the fragrance oil on the lava stone in the container.

Fragrance pyramid

Top note
lyme, bergamot, Oguni Sugi
Middle note
Rosewood, frankincense
Last note
patchouli, benzoin, oakmoss

– Miya Shinma PARFUMS –

The perfume brand founded by Miya Shinma, Paris, France. Miya Shinma expresses unique Japanese fragrance culture by combining rare fragrances and finely selected scents from throughout the world.

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¥ 25,080